Employee Portal Specifications Sheet

This form will allow us to customize your Onboarding platform according to your needs! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Company Profile

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Company's objectives with the portal:


Platform Specification

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Basic Portal Features

  • Member dashboard
  • Member profiles
  • Social groups
  • Private messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Network search
  • Member connections
  • Activity Feed
  • Albums & Medias

PRO Portal Features (Check all that apply)


Gathering your materials
Business Policies
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How many documents would you like do integrate on the platform? (approximately)

When was the last update to your policies? (not required)


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What system do you currently use? 


Employee Orientation 
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What would a new employee need to have access to on the platform?


Will you be the host of your platform or will LCO Firm host it?


Is there something else we need to know?

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