Onboarding Specifications Sheet

This form will allow us to customize your Onboarding platform according to your needs! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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Design Specification

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Onboarding Platform Features List (Check all that apply)
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Gathering your materials

Pictures and videos

Business Policies
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Employee Onboarding 

What would a new employee need to have access to on the platform?


Will you be the host of your platform or will LCO Firm host it?


What is your budget? Here’s a trick if you have no idea how much a website cost: Start with $2000. Are you comfortable with that number?  If so, raise the number by $1000 increments until you get to the point of ‘Nope not comfortable’. Keep in mind that this number is not to determine the fee. It’s used to determine if all the items from your wish list above are doable given the budget you have to work with.

If your current budget does not allow for all the checkboxes above, please detail here what items are ‘must-have’ features for the original website (phase 1). What items or features might be put on the nice-to-have, or phase2 of the website?

Phase 1

Phase 2   



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