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5 easy ways to make your website more accessible for all

Having an accessible website benefits everyone, from individuals to businesses. Offering accessibility is crucial for a more inclusive society. There are still many sites that are developed with accessibility barriers. Using the proper tools, technologies and platforms will allow people with disabilities to use your website with ease.  The following approach can help reduce visual, physical, and auditory impairment. 

We compiled 5 easy methods to help make your website more accessible!

          1. Page title and headings 

The main title should reflect the content of the page and visually distinguish itself from the rest of the content. Title every page of your website to properly organize the content and to ensure the reader’s comprehension while using an automatic reader. On every page, the use of headers is essential to organize and divide content. This will help readers to properly group the information and simplify navigation throughout the website. 

 Tip: Use bold writing and dark color to create a contrast from the rest of the page. 

          2. Image & video

When using visual aids, write a clear description of the content under the visual. This will allow the automatic page reader to describe the visual and give an accurate representation of the visual aid.

         3. Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio of 3:1 is the minimum level recommended for standard text and vision. 

The image to the right demonstrates visually the contrast ratio of 3.1 comparing it to other ratios.

Check this tool out to determine the contrast ratio of your website : 

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