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Technological Firm Located In Ottawa

LCO Firm is dedicated to the highest quality of production, design, technology and course development; delivered with style and grace.

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About our team

Alexis Lecomte

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about finance and business, my dream has always been the same. To have my own business and to help the people in my community. Thanks to my experience with Collège La Cité and with the development of online courses and customer service, as well as my experience in web technology and learning platforms. I developed the skills to finally create a technological company in order to bring a better quality of training to numerous companies in the region.
As such, I have made it my mandate to be able to help them train new employees through onboarding platforms, curriculum developments and the many other training programs we offer.

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We are a team of motivated and engaged individuals, working in the technology field, that want to help you bring your business to the next level.

Audrey Latreille

Chief Operating Officer

Amelie Deschamps

Marketing et web development Director

Jeff Robichaud

Production Coordinator

Alex Carmichael

Web Development Coordinator

Myriam Beaupré-Jacques

Administration and Market Development Coordinator

Maxim Marion

Production & Marketing Assistant

Felix Lecomte

Content Integrator

Emily Loiselle

Administrative Assistant