Custom Employee portal

Finding the resources to train employees can be difficult. Let us develop your platform for employee on-boarding, where your employees can find ressources, courses and everything they need to know to do their jobs efficiently.

How would your company benefit from a platform?

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Go Paperless!

Go paperless! Get rid of the 20 binders collecting dust in your office. Get all the employees to read and sign your policies and important forms directly on the platform! Keep track of who didn’t get the chance to do so.

Training taking too much time?

Is training new employees taking too much of your time? Have every step and procedure displayed as courses on your platform! Quizzes can ensure the employee understood.
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Basic features


Display different information on your profile to share details about yourself


A list of publications you shared with the community.


Messages can be sent to a member or group of members.


Participate in public, private or hidden social spaces with separate activity streams.


Communicate with your colleagues in a structured manner and in the form of a bulletin board.


Be aware of relevant activity.


Photos and albums you shared with the community.


Connect with each other and focus on those you care about most.

  1. Improve employee work engagement
  2. Save on training cost 
  3. Reduction of workload for HR
  4. Improve the perception of employees about the compagnie  

LCO Firm strives to have the highest level of security possible when it comes to websites and employee portals. We use SSL Certificates which are digital certificates that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection.

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