Graphic Design & Branding

Design isn’t your forte? Let us help creating a logo,
a poster, some business cards, some stickers and more!

Please note: We do not offer printing services. We will gladly refer you to businesses we trust.

Branding & Rebranding

Step 1


two girls looking at a whitboard

To start the project strong, we meet and talk about your needs and expectations. You will fill out a form to set the tone for the entire process. We will reference your answers frequently throughout each stage. To make sure we are on the right path, a creative brief will be sent to you. To identify the market surrounding your services or products, our team of experts will write a report so you are always a step ahead.

Step 2


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Your branding needs to represent your company and what it stands for. We want you to be part of your project!

Step 3


Picture of an website template

After weeks of collaborating on building your brand, here are the things you will receive from us:

Here are some extra services we offer to help you take your first steps as a new brand:

The length of the project depends on the budget, project scope and total workload. Furthermore a short term project is achieved by the punctuality of the client.

The final product will be approved by the client and transferred digitally via any method of delivery that is suitable for both parties.

Our team of designers can produce a variety of graphic designs such as logo, merch design, business card and personalized demands based on your needs.

Expect a thorough review of your current branding. We believe that the story behind your brand is essential to our design process. It will help us create a product that best represents your organization.  

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