Social media management….is your company doing it right ?

In 2021, every business should use social media for its multiple benefits and opportunities. Most businesses have caught on to this movement but are they using their platforms the right way? A company’s social media platform can make or break the company’s image. This blog post will go through the benefits of having a social media platform and how to choose the proper one depending on your company’s goal. 

To start, having a social media network can increase brand awareness and create a personality for your brand. Posting relevant content frequently gives your company the chance to be seen and acknowledged. People are more likely to buy or use services from brands they already know. Creating a personality for your brand is crucial for the client to identify and relate with it.  If they relate with the company’s online personality, a loyalty bond can be created and maintained.

Using a social media platform to promote a product or service can be extremely beneficial to increase sales. Using different techniques such as contests, partnership, influencers, and more can create bigger sales opportunities and recurring clients. Another benefit of sharing a product or service is the opportunity to include your customers in the creation process. This strategy creates engagement and makes them feel part of the brand. This results in more sales and loyal customers while knowing exactly what your targeted audience wants.  

Another reason to use social media properly is targeted advertisement. This technique is very easy to use with social media since most platforms have the option of choosing your audience (specific demographic information), budget, and what they will see. This technique is also great since after creating an ad, analytics and reporting demonstrate the impact of your social media activities including followers, engagements, click through rates, etc.. This will allow your company to analyse what works and what needs more development. 

There are multiple platforms to choose from, here’s a board with more information on the most popular platforms and their specialization when it comes to social media marketing. Keep in mind that having multiple social media platforms does create an advantage and can lead to more sales and engagement.

Here at LCO Firm Inc. we offer social media management for our clients. We use an innovative approach to create relevant content while managing every aspect of their platforms. Our clients will have a peace of mind while we take care of the rest. 

Here is everything we offer when it comes to social media management : 

  • Create visuals with relevant captions
  • Reflect the theme and personality of the company in every post
  • Evaluate the target audience
  • Create ads and analyse the outcome
  • Create a specific calendar with all the details of each posting and strategy
  • Create vision board with new ideas for content 
  • Every post will be approved by the client before posting

Contact us for more information at admin@lcofirm.ca, we are happy to help!

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